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Much has been written on the philosophy of photography some seems to me to be more important than others. Three aspects stand out more than others and I will let them form my profile.

Matters of moment: the camera captures an image that exists for the moments that the shutter is open. The instants before or after contain another image. Anticipating and understanding the potential of the moment is therefore of fundamental importance.

Recognising the reality: a photograph can make the ordinary become extraordinary. The observer may be inclined to see the subject of the image with a new pair of eyes. In trying to achieve the extraordinary a photographer attempts to become aware of the subject matter by conceiving the totality of the image and seeing deeply rather than just looking.

Learning with light: light cannot be seen but it effects all captured images, a photographer must be aware of this invisible as it effects the visible.

I have used images in competition, exhibition (local and international) and had work accepted for publication. Travel photography is my specialty and the galleries displayed on this website offer a selection of images representing aspects of the countries I have visited and are displayed with this profile in mind.

David Ensor

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